Passenger Attempts Midair Suicide

Passenger Attempts Midair Suicide

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Jamil Abdur-Rahman, M.D.

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A recent Cathay Pacific flight between Seoul’s Incheon International Airport and Hong Kong turned very eventful when a 31-year old Nepalese man attempted to commit suicide while on board. It is reported that the man, who was travelling from Seoul back to his home in Katmandu Nepal via Hong Kong got up from his seat just as the plane was preparing to land. Once up, he began to make his way towards the bathrooms. With the seatbelt signs having been illuminated, flight crew tried unsuccessfully to prevent him from actually entering one of the Airbus A330’s bathrooms. After the man entered one of the bathrooms he quickly locked the door and refused to return to his seat. The flight crew then attempted to get him to exit the bathroom, but for safety reasons, as the plane began it’s final approach in to Hong Kong, they were forced to abandon their efforts and to return to their seats.

bloody phone man attempts midair suicide

Bloody phone case used to slash throat

After the plane landed, members of the flight crew again resumed their efforts to get the man out of the bathroom. They were eventually able to forcefully unlock the bathroom door. Once in the bathroom, they found the Nepalese passenger bleeding from his neck. An investigation later revealed that he had slashed his throat using a cell phone case. After slashing his throat, he then attempted to hang himself from the bathroom ceiling panels using his shoelaces. Unsuccessful in his efforts to kill himself, once the bathroom door had been pried open, the man quickly tried to escape. He was however caught before he could disembark the aircraft. He was then taken to North Lantau Hospital in Hong Kong where he was treated for his injuries. Once discharged from the hospital, he was ultimately allowed to complete his journey to Kathmandu. It is not known why the Nepalese passenger tried to commit suicide. It is of note however that changes in altitude and cabin pressurization can adversely affect some people’s mental health. Some studies have even shown that people living in communities at higher altitudes are at increased risk for suicide. So there have been links demonstrated between high altitude and suicide. To read more about people behaving badly in-flight, and to better understand why some people might just lose their sh*t when flying, check out this interesting article.

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