“Travels with Darley” is a popular web and TV series that is featured on AOL, Amazon, the Huffington Post, MSN Travel, PBS and Create TV. Dr. Jamil was recently asked by the good folks at Travels with Darley to write a guest post about one of his favorite cities. A city that he also happens to call home, the one and only Chicago. Check out a snippet from his guest post below.

A Chicagoan’s Weird, Wild and Sort of Wacky Travel Guide to Chicago
Chicago local Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman of The Twin Doctors Travel Bag shares the best of cool Chicago.


Chicago Skyline


While many may affectionately call this bustling metropolis by the lake, this Gotham of America’s breadbasket, this hub of transport, business and culture the nation’s “Second City”; I as a proud Chicagoan am here to tell you that Chicago takes a back seat to no one and nowhere! So, as a city that is truly second to none, Chicago has a little something to offer everyone. From those visitors with highbrows to those visitors who are browbeaten. From those visitors with the virtues of a saint to those visitors with the vices of a sinner. If you can’t find something to do in Chicago, well then my friends simply put, you’re just not looking hard enough…….
Read the rest of Dr. J’s guest blog on Travels with Darley.

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